Peel 2011
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Strand Road
Sugar Pot
Mann Scuba Divers
Erin Curios
7th Wave
Bridge Bookshop
Brammall Laser Systems
Davisons Ice Cream
Strand Veterinary Practice
Shore Road
Bay View Playgroup
Cafe Delicious
Bay Hotel
Bohemian Cafe
Cosy Nook Cafe
The Rowan Tree
The Balmoral
Athol Park/Place
Anchorage Guest House
Kennaugh & Skinner
Bradda Glen
Bradda Cafe & Restaurant
St Mary's Road
Breagle Glen Cafe
Breakwater Road
Colby Village Workshop
Harbour Office
Strand Road and Shore Road
Izzy's Icecream Parlour
Rockview, Strand Road, Port Erin
Izzy's Icecream Parlour
Pictured: Angelina Storey
Izzy's Icecream Parlour
Izzy's Icecream Parlour
Izzy's Icecream Parlour
Izzy's Icecream Parlour
Sales: Ice cream parlour and coffee house
Year established on current premises: 2012
Previously based elsewhere: No
Total staff: 8
Full-time: 2
Part-time: 6
Job roles: 1 manager, 1 asst manager, 2 cooks, waiting staff
No. staff live in Port Erin: 6
No. staff live outside Port Erin: 2
Previous use of premises: Ice cream parlour
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